Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

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Action Photographs (Verbs)

Big size pictures for developing language skills and promoting vocabulary acquisition. It includes 5..

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Observe, associate and learn the functional relationship between the objects.Included:- 68 cards (9 ..

€27.75 Ex Tax: €23.52

Logo-Bits Cards For Oral Motor Speech Therapy

These orofacial practice cards help people to adopt the correct positioning of the lips, tongue, jaw..

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Picto-Dice of Classic Stories

A game for learning to construct sentences with up to 90 pictograms of characters from classic child..

€27.51 Ex Tax: €23.31

Sentence Scramblers

Scramble together sentence starters, parts o..

€29.38 Ex Tax: €24.90

The 4 Blowing Games

Four fun games that allow you to train the blowing strength, blowing control and to exercise directi..

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The Big Debate Starter Cards

Should school have rules? Is our country great..

€27.90 Ex Tax: €23.64

What do they have in Common - Association Game

Observation and association game of linking 17 pairs of objects that share common characteristics an..

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Where Are We In The House ?

CONTENTS: A game comprising a total of 35 cards: 5 hexagonal cards each showing a photograph of di..

€19.75 Ex Tax: €16.74